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  • Mathew Jacob

CoinDesk says "XRP is a Security" Ripple CEO Responds. XRP Pumping as a Result?

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, clarity and accuracy are paramount. A recent tweet by CoinDesk sparked a wave of controversy and confusion regarding the classification of XRP, leading to a robust response from Ripple's CEO and a noticeable impact on the market.

The Controversial Tweet

CoinDesk, a prominent cryptocurrency news outlet, tweeted the following statement:

> "@Ripple won big in California court last week, but the judge’s ruling muddied the waters on whether $XRP could be considered a security. Crypto lawyers say it’s a symptom of a bigger problem."

This tweet implied that the legal status of XRP as a security remained uncertain following a recent court ruling. Such statements can significantly influence market perception and investor confidence.

Ripple CEO's Response

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, was quick to respond, taking to Twitter to set the record straight. In his tweet, Garlinghouse stated:

> "@CoinDesk – this is embarrassing. The CA Judge did NOT call XRP a security. In fact, only XRP and BTC have clarity in the US. You’ve already had to delete a misleading tweet (after correcting a misleading headline) on this topic once. The industry needs CoinDesk to be better."

Garlinghouse's assertive response underscored the importance of accurate reporting in the cryptocurrency space. He emphasized that the recent court ruling did not classify XRP as a security and reiterated that both XRP and Bitcoin enjoy regulatory clarity in the United States.

Market Reaction

Following the exchange, XRP experienced a notable uptick in its market value. The controversy, coupled with Garlinghouse's clarifying statement, appeared to reassure investors and stimulate market activity. The swift correction of misinformation and the reaffirmation of XRP's status contributed to renewed confidence among traders and investors.

The Bigger Picture

This incident highlights a broader issue within the cryptocurrency industry: the need for precise and responsible journalism. With the market highly sensitive to news and regulatory updates, inaccuracies can lead to significant financial consequences for investors and companies alike.

A Call for Accuracy

Garlinghouse's public call for CoinDesk to improve its reporting standards reflects a growing demand for reliable information in the crypto community. As the industry matures, stakeholders must prioritize accuracy and transparency to foster a stable and trustworthy environment.


The recent CoinDesk tweet and the subsequent response from Ripple's CEO underscore the critical role of accurate reporting in the cryptocurrency industry. While the market reacted positively to the clarification, the incident serves as a reminder of the power and responsibility of media outlets in shaping the perceptions and behaviors of investors.

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