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  • Lilly Mackani

CryptoTradingFund joins the XRP Ledger as the XRP burn rate reaches an all-time high

In a groundbreaking move for the cryptocurrency community, CryptoTradingFund Token (CTF) has officially launched on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), sending shockwaves through the market. With analysts predicting a surge in price to over $160, the addition of CTF to the XRPL has stirred excitement among crypto enthusiasts and experts alike.


Prominent XRP whale and Twitter expert shared the news, declaring it as a significant milestone for the XRPL ecosystem. The tweet read, "Massive news! This is the biggest XRPL token yet! The CTF token is now launching on the XRPL, with their presale set for ONLY 10 days!! If this token performs similarly to its success on Polygon, we could be gearing up for a 75X pump in just 1 week!! Unlike others, this is a utility token, and the total supply is only 120 MILLION! It COULD hit $160 with only half the market cap of XRP!"


The excitement surrounding CTF's entry into the XRPL is not without reason. The token's utility and the limited total supply of 120 million have fueled optimistic projections. The potential for a significant price surge, as indicated by the expert's tweet, is further amplified by CTF's success on other platforms like Polygon.


One of the key drivers behind the projected pump in XRP is the gas fees that must be paid in XRP for transactions on the XRPL. With the influx of users adopting the CTF token, the gas fees paid in XRP are expected to be substantial. This increase in demand for XRP to cover transaction fees is contributing to the bullish sentiment surrounding the digital asset.


Currently, the CTF token is in its presale phase, offering investors an opportunity to acquire the token at some of the most competitive rates. The CryptoTradingFund Twitter account announced the launch, stating, "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The highly anticipated launch on the XRPL is officially LIVE! The pre-sale extravaganza will be happening for the next 10 days! Brace yourselves as this marks a crucial milestone in our quest for widespread usage and accessibility, providing an opportunity for more members of the cryptocurrency community to make passive income! But that's not all – it's a pivotal foundation for our NFT marketplace and other exciting use cases. Stay tuned, as we'll be showering you with updates in the upcoming weeks!"


The presale not only presents an opportunity for investors to get in at an early stage but also signifies the beginning of CTF's journey toward widespread adoption and integration into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the XRPL witnesses a surge in activity with the introduction of CTF, the overall market dynamics are likely to experience a shift, creating new opportunities and challenges for crypto enthusiasts and traders alike. The coming weeks will undoubtedly be crucial in determining the impact of CTF on the XRP Ledger and the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

For more information and to participate in the CTF presale, visit CryptoTradingFund Token. Trading is also available on the SoloGenic platform at SoloGenic - CTF Trading.



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