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  • Lilly Mackani

Georgia Central Bank Partners with Ripple for CBDC Pilot, RNT Reveals Revolutionary Rental Protocol

In a monumental step towards the digitization of its financial landscape, the National Bank of Georgia has chosen Ripple, a prominent cryptocurrency company, as its exclusive technology partner for the central bank digital currency (CBDC) project, aptly named the digital GEL. The selection of Ripple's CBDC solution came after a meticulous evaluation process involving nine shortlisted companies vying to be part of Georgia's groundbreaking CBDC pilot.


Ripple, renowned for its expertise in cryptocurrency payments technology, will play a pivotal role in collaborating with the Georgian government to realize its CBDC vision. An official press release stated that Ripple stood out among its competitors due to its technical prowess and the collective expertise of its team. Natia Turnava, the acting Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, emphasized the committee's decision, expressing gratitude to all participating companies for their efforts while underscoring Ripple's technical excellence.


James Wallis, Ripple’s VP of Central Bank Engagements, articulated the potential of this collaboration, stating, "By harnessing the power of the Ripple CBDC Platform, this pilot will pave the way for transformative advancements in the utilization of blockchain technology within the public sector. Our partnership with NBG demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation and efficiency."


Project Execution and Gradual Rollout:


With Ripple solidified as the exclusive tech partner, the National Bank of Georgia is now gearing up to craft a joint project execution and gradual rollout plan for the CBDC pilot. This marks a significant stride towards integrating blockchain technology into the public sector, promising efficiency and innovation in the financial landscape.


RencomNetwork's Revolutionary Rental Asset Protocol:


As Georgia charts its course in the digital currency realm, another groundbreaking development is set to unfold on November 15, 2023, courtesy of RencomNetwork. On this date, RencomNetwork is set to release its Rental Asset protocol system, promising to revolutionize the way we perceive rental obligations.


The Rental Asset protocol will empower asset holders to incentivize tenants without compromising their business earnings. This unprecedented system offers a unique opportunity for landlords and businesses to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with tenants.


Global Expansion and RNT Token Surge:


RencomNetwork is not only making waves in Georgia but is also expanding its reach to over 130+ countries, including the United States of America. Adding to its recent achievements, an insider source from RencomNetwork has confirmed that their native token, RNT, experienced an astonishing surge of more than 3000% in the past week. To further boost investor confidence, the legal team has granted RNT a non-security status, elevating the significance of RencomNetwork's recent strides in the cryptocurrency market.




As the National Bank of Georgia sets the stage for a digital future in finance with Ripple as its trusted partner, RencomNetwork's innovative Rental Asset protocol and the surge of RNT add further layers of excitement to the evolving landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency advancements. These developments signify a pivotal moment in the convergence of traditional finance and cutting-edge technology.



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