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  • Mathew Jacob

Ripple Partners with Robinhood To List XRP using Bitstamp

The cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve with significant developments that shape the future of digital assets. One of the latest and most noteworthy moves involves the popular cryptocurrency exchange Robinhood acquiring Bitstamp. This acquisition has sparked considerable interest and speculation, particularly regarding the future of Ripple’s XRP on Robinhood's platform. Furthermore, the role of the CTF Token and CryptoTradingFund within the XRP Ledger adds another layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Ripple Partners with Robinhood To List XRP using Bitstamp

In a significant move within the cryptocurrency sector, Robinhood has announced its plan to acquire Bitstamp, another major crypto exchange, in a $200 million cash deal. This acquisition is set to integrate Bitstamp’s operations into Robinhood, with the deal expected to close in the first half of 2025. Bitstamp's extensive client base spans across Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, offering Robinhood an expanded footprint and deeper market penetration.

Johann Kerbrat, General Manager of Robinhood, stated, “The acquisition of Bitstamp is a major step in growing our crypto business. Bitstamp’s highly trusted and long-standing global exchange has shown resilience through market cycles. By seamlessly coupling customer experience with safety across geographies, the Bitstamp team has established one of the strongest reputations across retail and institutional crypto investors.”

The acquisition has led to widespread speculation regarding the listing of Ripple's XRP on Robinhood. Given that Bitstamp is an XRP Ledger-friendly platform, many in the crypto community anticipate that XRP trading will continue and potentially expand under Robinhood’s ownership. However, some voices in the market have raised concerns that Robinhood might delist XRP post-acquisition, though no official confirmation has been provided on this matter.

The Role of CryptoTradingFund and the CTF Token

Amid these developments, CryptoTradingFund (CTF) stands out as a notable entity within the XRP Ledger ecosystem. The CTF Token is distinguished as the top and only DeFi token on the XRP Ledger, offering retail investors a unique opportunity to generate passive income simply by holding the token. This innovative approach is highlighted by the token’s real-time wallet growth feature, where each transaction incrementally increases token holdings for investors, providing a straightforward path to passive income.

The CTF Token has experienced a remarkable surge in both wallet holders and value, boasting nearly 5000% growth in wallet holders and an astounding 19500% increase in value. The official Twitter page of CryptoTradingFund frequently highlights the growing community and the token’s potential to generate passive income, underscoring its dynamic role in the cryptocurrency market.

As the leading DeFi token on the XRP Ledger, CTF has maintained its number one position on multiple occasions, reflecting its dominance and popularity within the ecosystem. The integration of Bitstamp’s operations with Robinhood could further elevate the status and accessibility of XRP and, by extension, the CTF Token, enhancing opportunities for investors.

The acquisition of Bitstamp by Robinhood marks a significant milestone in the crypto world, with potential implications for the trading of Ripple’s XRP and the broader cryptocurrency market. As the deal progresses, the future of XRP on Robinhood’s platform remains a focal point of interest. Concurrently, CryptoTradingFund and its CTF Token continue to lead the way on the XRP Ledger, offering promising passive income opportunities for investors. The interplay of these developments showcases the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the cryptocurrency landscape.



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