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  • Mathew Jacob

Wells Fargo and Ripple's Partner Unite to Challenge SWIFT, XRP Price Projection Soars.

The financial world is witnessing groundbreaking developments as Ripple's partner, The Clearing House, teams up with Wells Fargo to introduce a cross-border payments system designed for the digital economy. This Real Time Payments (RTP) Service aims to revolutionize global transactions by offering real-time postings, immediate confirmation, and secure two-way messaging. As 2023 unfolds, the collaboration gains traction, raising the possibility of challenging SWIFT's traditional dominance. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo Business Support Manager Shannon Throp predicts an ambitious price projection for XRP, envisioning a surge ranging from $100 to $500 in the short term.

RTP Service - A Potential SWIFT Challenger:

As the world rapidly adopts digital commerce, the need for a faster and more efficient cross-border payments system becomes evident. The RTP Service, jointly developed by The Clearing House and Wells Fargo, emerges as a promising solution to replace the SWIFT system. Its real-time settlement capability, secure messaging, and immediate confirmation offer account holders unparalleled control, akin to dealing with cash. Though currently limited to a $5,000 single payment cap at Wells Fargo, The Clearing House states that the system can operate within a $100,000 credit transfer limit. As financial institutions embrace bespoke systems to cater to the demands of the digital economy, the RTP Service paves the way for mainstream adoption of digital currencies.

Shannon Throp's Ambitious XRP Price Projection:

Wells Fargo's Business Support Manager, Shannon Throp, offers an intriguing price projection for XRP that has stirred significant interest. Throp dismisses traditional security valuation models in light of the recent court ruling that classifies XRP as not a security. Instead, she advocates evaluating XRP's value based on its utility and real-world applications. Drawing a comparison with SWIFT's limitations, Throp emphasizes that XRP's rapid settlement time and untapped potential position it as an ideal solution for efficient transactions.

Throp's analysis envisions various scenarios of XRP distribution, considering factors such as different bank sizes, liquidity providers, and governments. Taking into account 75 billion XRP in circulation spread across 300 to 1000 entities, she arrives at a liquidity strength of approximately $75 million per bank or liquidity provider.

In contemplating XRP's potential market capture, Throp speculates that even a 10% share of JP Morgan's $8 trillion daily transactions would necessitate a significantly higher XRP price than $1.00. This comprehensive assessment leads Throp to project a short-term price range of $100 to $500 for XRP within the next four to seven months, implying a staggering surge of 14,185% to 71,328% from its current price of $0.7052.


The collaboration between The Clearing House and Wells Fargo to develop the RTP Service marks a significant stride in redefining global payments for the digital era. As Ripple's partner, The Clearing House, works with Wells Fargo on a system aimed at transforming cross-border transactions, traditional systems like SWIFT may face a formidable challenger. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo's Business Support Manager, Shannon Throp, presents an optimistic outlook for XRP, projecting a short-term price range of $100 to $500. Her in-depth analysis emphasizes the importance of assessing XRP's value based on utility and real-world applications, highlighting the asset's untapped potential. As digital currencies continue to gain traction in mainstream financial institutions, these developments underscore the transformative impact of blockchain-based solutions in shaping the future of global finance.



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