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  • Lilly Mackani

XRP Spot ETF Likely "Within Weeks".

The XRP community is abuzz with anticipation as the possibility of an XRP spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in Hong Kong gains traction. A recent regulatory development in the region has prompted Dizer Capital founder Yassin Mobarak to call on crypto industry leaders to seize the opportunity and pursue an XRP ETF in the dynamic Asian market.


Hong Kong Embraces Crypto ETFs


The excitement stems from a circular issued last Friday by the top regulatory bodies in Hong Kong, namely the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The regulatory authorities announced a reassessment of their current policy regarding intermediaries involved in crypto-related activities, signaling a significant shift in their approach.


The HKMA and SFC declared their readiness to accept crypto spot ETFs, reflecting the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market. This decision follows the SFC's previous authorization of crypto futures ETFs, expanding the scope to include spot ETFs. The regulators explicitly mentioned "virtual asset spot exchange-traded funds (VA spot ETFs)" among the potential ETFs they would welcome.


Yassin Mobarak's Call to Action


Yassin Mobarak, founder of Dizer Capital, wasted no time in urging the crypto community to capitalize on this regulatory greenlight. Mobarak specifically called on industry participants to file applications for an XRP spot ETF in Hong Kong. In a tweet, he stated, "Someone should file an XRP spot ETF application in Hong Kong," drawing attention to the strategic opportunity presented by the regulatory shift.


Community Enthusiasm


Mobarak's call resonated with members of the XRP community, including an enthusiast based in Hong Kong who responded positively, stating, "That's a really good idea." The community's eagerness to explore new avenues for XRP investment underscores the potential impact of an XRP spot ETF in the region.


Hong Kong Stock Exchange Ready for Crypto Spot ETF


Further contributing to the optimism surrounding an XRP spot ETF in Hong Kong, Luo Boren, leader of securities product development at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, expressed the exchange's readiness to collaborate with issuers and stakeholders. Boren emphasized the commitment to incorporate a crypto spot ETF into the Hong Kong ETF market, signaling a proactive approach to embracing digital asset opportunities.


XRP ETF Outlook in the US


While the regulatory environment for XRP in the United States offers clarity, the outlook for an XRP spot ETF remains uncertain. Industry leaders have questioned the hesitancy of prominent asset managers, including BlackRock, to file for an XRP ETF in the region, creating a notable contrast with the developments in Hong Kong.


As the XRP community awaits further developments, the focus on Hong Kong as a potential hub for an XRP spot ETF highlights the growing global interest in expanding the accessibility of cryptocurrencies through regulated financial instruments. The regulatory greenlight in Hong Kong positions the region as a key player in the evolving landscape of crypto investments.



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