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  • Mathew Jacob

Analyst Anticipates 760% XRP Price Surge: Unveiling the Path Ahead

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and XRP holders have reason to be excited as crypto analyst Egrag unveils a compelling analysis that predicts a staggering 760% surge in the price trajectory of XRP. Egrag's insights are based on a thorough examination of the 1-day chart patterns of XRP, and he outlines a roadmap consisting of three key phases: White, Blue, and Green.

The 'White' Phase: A Foundation at $0.93

According to Egrag, the 'White' phase has already concluded, during which XRP found stability at the $0.93 mark. This phase laid the groundwork for the bullish journey that lies ahead.

The 'Blue' Phase: Aiming for $1.5

Currently, XRP is in the 'Blue' phase, where the target is set at $1.5. This phase signifies a steady climb from the foundation established in the 'White' phase, and it is in progress as we speak.

The 'Green' Phase: Setting Sights on $4.5

Once the 'Blue' phase wraps up, Egrag anticipates the initiation of the 'Green' phase. This ambitious phase is expected to propel XRP to a remarkable $4.5, representing an astounding 760% increase from its 'White' phase foundation.

Analyzing the Roadmap for XRP Price Surge

Egrag's analysis delves deeper into the dynamics driving XRP's price surge. He points out a classic break-out, retest, and continuation pattern, signaling a bullish trajectory. In light of this, Egrag encourages the crypto community, particularly the XRP enthusiasts, to remain resolute in their support, as the price surge may catch many off guard. He dismisses any bearish forecasts for the coming months, emphasizing their irrelevance.

The 'Mega Ascending Triangle' and Price Predictions

A notable aspect of Egrag's analysis is the formation of what he terms a "Mega Ascending Triangle" (Mega AT) in the XRP price chart. Should XRP manage to close above $0.5207, Egrag predicts a swift price escalation to $1.40, surpassing its previous peak achieved after Ripple's legal victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In June, during this legal victory, XRP formed a "Mini Ascending Triangle" (Mini AT) and witnessed a nearly 100% surge, approaching the $1 mark.

Egrag identifies a robust support zone ranging from $0.4199 to $0.4803, with a crucial resistance range set between $0.5365 and $0.60. Breaking through this resistance would potentially lead to a significant movement, with the $0.75 to $0.87 range becoming the new supply zone. He underlines the $1 threshold as both a critical structural and psychological barrier. Surpassing this milestone would pave the way for the full realization of the "Mega AT" at $1.40.

Rencom Network: A Unique Opportunity Beyond XRP

In a related development, Rencom Network is making waves in the blockchain-powered platform space, offering more than just tokens. Rencom Network's realm of empowerment and substantial rewards extends beyond traditional properties, including residential and commercial spaces, and everyday items like bicycles and construction equipment. This innovative platform enables seamless asset utilization and rewards for its users, making ownership more dynamic and exciting.

Rencom Network's expansion into over 130+ countries, including the United States of America, is a testament to its global reach and impact. Additionally, an insider source has confirmed that Rencom Network's native token, RNT, has been granted a non-security status by their legal team, further solidifying the network's recent achievements.

In conclusion, the crypto world is abuzz with excitement as analyst Egrag anticipates a remarkable 760% surge in XRP's price trajectory. His analysis, coupled with the formation of the "Mega Ascending Triangle" and the potential for XRP to break key resistance levels, paints a bullish picture for XRP holders. Meanwhile, Rencom Network's innovative approach to blockchain-powered ownership and rewards is setting a new standard in the industry, adding another layer of significance to the evolving crypto landscape. It's an exciting time for both XRP enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts looking for unique opportunities beyond the traditional crypto realm.



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