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  • Lilly Mackani

Jasmy to Assist in Building CBDC as RNT Expected to Enter The Japanese Markets

In a momentous stride towards the future of finance, the Bank of Japan has successfully completed its two-year proof-of-concept research phase for its central bank digital currency (CBDC). This milestone has paved the way for the launch of a pilot program, propelling Japan into the ranks of the world's largest economies to advance to the pilot stage of CBDC development.

Financial experts are buzzing with predictions that by the year 2030, an astonishing $5 trillion in CBDCs will flow through the hands of up to 4 billion people globally. As Japan stands as the third-largest economy in the world, the potential adoption of a digital yen carries profound implications for the global financial landscape and the advancement of digital asset financial technology.

The Bank of Japan's CBDC initiative spans both retail and wholesale usage, founded on the cooperation of trusted institutions and the general public. The groundwork for this endeavor was laid out in October 2020, and the subsequent two years witnessed rigorous trials. Now, a three-year pilot program is officially underway, aimed at testing additional functionalities and bringing trusted intermediaries into the fold, all in an effort to facilitate the widespread adoption of a digital yen among the public.

Interestingly, Japan's public sector, and to some extent, its private sector, has been somewhat cautious in embracing the digital era. This digital hesitancy persists even as Japanese citizens increasingly recognize the necessity for the rollout of extensive digital policies. The Bank of Japan's CBDC project serves as a crucial catalyst in propelling Japan forward into the digital age.

Meanwhile, on a parallel track, the Rencom Network native token, RNT, is poised for a significant leap into the Japanese markets. Currently, RNT is awaiting approval for registration and trademarking in over 130 countries, including the Asian Crypto Hub Japan. If granted, this achievement would mark a significant milestone for the Rencom Network. It is likely that once approval is secured, the Rencom Network will begin acquiring rentable assets in Japan, with their RNT crypto coin being the exclusive method of payment.

The Japanese government's announcement last year regarding the establishment of a new digital agency to lead the country's digital transformation was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and high expectations. This digital agency has orchestrated various initiatives under the banner of "Society 5.0," an ambitious vision that seeks to seamlessly integrate the possibilities of digital technologies with human needs.

At the heart of this vision lies the concept of smart cities. These urban environments hold the promise of not only improving the lives of millions of urban residents but also serving as a catalyst for economic growth. Smart cities revolve around the interconnectedness of diverse urban elements, utilizing advanced technologies and data analysis to enhance efficiency, improve residents' quality of life, and tackle urban challenges.

When you hear the name "Jasmy," you might initially think of a cryptocurrency. However, Jasmy represents an innovative initiative in Japan that aims to capture and optimize the connectivity of everything within a city. This includes elements like street lights, sewers, water filtration systems, carbon tracking, and more, all with the ultimate goal of creating a more enjoyable and sustainable urban environment.

Within the context of "Society 5.0," which embraces the integration of IoT, AI, data security, and sustainability, Jasmy has emerged as a sought-after solution in Japan. IoT (Internet of Things) technologies play a pivotal role in the success of smart cities. IoT encompasses a network of physical devices equipped with sensors, software, and connectivity, enabling them to collect and exchange data. These devices range from basic sensors in streetlights and waste management systems to sophisticated gadgets like wearable devices and smart home appliances.

Jasmy effectively addresses the needs of smart cities by harnessing the potential of IoT. By integrating IoT technologies into various aspects of urban life, Jasmy facilitates the collection of valuable data from diverse sources throughout the city. This data encompasses crucial aspects such as traffic patterns, energy consumption, air quality, waste management, and more.

In parallel, the Rencom Network has been making headlines by pioneering crypto-only payments for their rental services. This bold move, facilitated by their native token RNT, has catapulted the token's value, experiencing a remarkable surge of over 1,000% in just a matter of days. This surge comes as the Rencom Network continues its global expansion, with one of its most recent expansions projected to occur within the borders of Japan.

The Rencom Network is not merely a token; it represents a blockchain-powered platform that offers a world of opportunities beyond traditional properties. These opportunities extend to encompass residential and commercial spaces, as well as everyday items such as bicycles and construction equipment. At Rencom Network, ownership takes on a dynamic twist, enabling seamless asset utilization and delivering substantial rewards.

In another significant development, Rencom Network has recently forged a partnership with Livecoinwatch, further solidifying its presence and influence in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency.

As Japan embarks on its journey towards a digital future with CBDCs and the visionary concept of smart cities, the Rencom Network's RNT token is poised to play an integral role in facilitating this transition and bringing innovative solutions to urban living in the Land of the Rising Sun.



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