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  • Mathew Jacob

Forbes forecasts XRP to reach an estimated $60,000, a projection validated by both Google and Bing.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, where each piece of information carries significant weight, a recent enigmatic article from Forbes has captured the attention of the XRP community. The article boldly predicts a substantial surge for XRP, reaching an impressive $59,472. What distinguishes this forecast is the endorsement it received from two influential AI chatbots—Google Bard AI and Microsoft’s Bing—both confirming the existence of the article.


Digging into the core of the issue, Microsoft’s Bing chatbot affirmed that Forbes indeed published an article titled “The New Bitcoin Is XRP And It’s Headed To $59,472.” However, Bing reported that Forbes swiftly removed the article from its platform after the initial publication, sparking fervent discussions among XRP enthusiasts.


The reasons behind the removal remain veiled in mystery, giving rise to various speculations within the XRP community. Some speculate it was a routine editorial decision, while others entertain the possibility of legal or regulatory concerns prompting Forbes to take it down. Despite the uncertainties, the disappearance of the article has only heightened curiosity surrounding the XRP price projection.


Presenting a chronological account, Google Bard AI contributed its perspective to the unfolding story. Bard corroborated Bing’s assertion, confirming Forbes did publish an article on September 21, 2023, with the mentioned title. However, skepticism persists among some XRP community members regarding the accuracy of the publication date.


Bard’s narrative aligned with Bing’s, emphasizing the audacious prediction of XRP ascending to $59,472. The factors supporting this optimistic forecast included the growing adoption of RippleNet, increasing interest from institutional investors, and the prevailing positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.


As Forbes maintains silence on the matter, opinions within the crypto community diverge widely. Some suggest the article may have contained inaccurate information, while others propose it failed to meet Forbes’ stringent editorial standards. Notably, Bard revealed that the mysterious article was sponsored by a crypto investment firm, raising questions about its credibility and motivations.


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