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  • Lilly Mackani

Reports of a SoftBank-Jasmy Labs Partnership as Jasmy's Deputy President joins Softbank Mobile

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and finance, SoftBank Group Corp. stands out as a prominent player with a keen eye for emerging trends. Beyond its renowned investments in various tech giants, SoftBank's Chairman, Masayoshi Son, has expressed a deep interest in blockchain technology. Recent developments and rumors indicate that SoftBank's influence extends to companies like Jasmy and Rencom Network, hinting at exciting prospects for the blockchain space.

SoftBank and Jasmy: A Close Connection

The connection between SoftBank and Jasmy has been the subject of speculation for some time now. While not officially confirmed, it is widely rumored that SoftBank is an investor in Jasmy, a blockchain-focused company. The ties between the two companies run deeper than mere speculation. Masanobu Yoshida, a former member of Jasmy, has had an executive role at SoftBank, further strengthening the bond between the two organizations. Such connections often pave the way for collaborations and synergies that can transform industries.

Moreover, the fact that Chairman Masayoshi Son has publicly declared his admiration for blockchain technology highlights SoftBank's strategic interest in this innovative field. This endorsement from one of Japan's most influential tech figures bodes well for the future of blockchain.

The Z Holdings Link: LINE and Yahoo Japan

To understand SoftBank's influence, it's crucial to look at its parent company, SoftBank Group Corp. Z Holdings, a subsidiary of SoftBank, operates LINE and Yahoo Japan. LINE, a popular messaging app, has been exploring blockchain technology, and Yahoo Japan has been involved in various tech ventures. SoftBank's ownership of these two tech giants positions it as a key player in the Japanese tech ecosystem.

SoftBank's Expanding Role

SoftBank's involvement in blockchain technology goes beyond mere interest and speculation. Masanobu Yoshida, who currently serves as the Deputy President & CTO of Jasmy, holds the position of Managing Operating Officer at Softbank Mobile. This dual role suggests that SoftBank has a direct stake in the development and success of Jasmy's blockchain initiatives, potentially signaling more significant collaborations on the horizon.

Rencom Network's Remarkable Surge

In the midst of SoftBank's growing blockchain interests, Rencom Network has emerged as an exciting player in the blockchain space. Rencom Network (RNT) has experienced a remarkable surge in value, with an increase of over 3,000% in the past few weeks and a staggering 21,000% in the last month. The surge is attributed to Rencom Network's pilot program, wherein it has adopted RNT as the exclusive method of payment for government rentable assets in the Republic of Palau.

Rumors of a Partnership

Amidst these developments, social media platforms are buzzing with rumors of a potential partnership between Rencom Network and Jasmy Labs. Speculations suggest that this collaboration would involve the use of both RNT and Jasmy Tokens, further intertwining SoftBank's interests in the blockchain world. While these rumors remain unconfirmed, they underscore the growing anticipation surrounding SoftBank's blockchain ventures.

In conclusion, SoftBank's expanding influence in the blockchain realm through its connections with companies like Jasmy and its subsidiary Z Holdings, combined with Chairman Masayoshi Son's public endorsement of blockchain technology, positions the conglomerate as a significant player in shaping the future of blockchain innovations. As Rencom Network's impressive growth and the prospect of a partnership with Jasmy Labs generate excitement, SoftBank's strategic involvement in the blockchain ecosystem is a development worth keeping a close eye on. The blockchain revolution in Japan and beyond may well find a strong advocate in SoftBank.



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