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  • Lilly Mackani

XRP Sees 100% Increase in Fund Inflows Last Year, Anticipating a Price Surge Towards $10,000

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a remarkable surge in the exchange-traded products (ETPs) sector, with XRP standing out as a major player in the game. According to a recent annual report by CoinShares, the XRP-focused ETPs have experienced a staggering 100% increase in fund inflows throughout 2023, reaching an impressive $16 million by the year's end. This surge is indicative of a growing interest in XRP and sets the stage for potential bullish momentum in the coming year.


XRP ETPs Growth and Market Position


In 2022, XRP ETPs doubled their inflows compared to the previous year, closing at $8 million. However, by the close of 2023, this figure had skyrocketed to $16 million, securing XRP's position as the third most popular altcoin in the ETP sector, trailing behind Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH). Notably, XRP's assets under management reached an impressive $77 million, underscoring its significance in the crypto investment landscape.


Comparative Analysis


Despite the substantial growth in 2023, the $18 million garnered by XRP ETPs falls short of the pinnacle reached in 2021 when the figure soared to an impressive $63 million. The cryptocurrency market experienced an all-time high in 2021, resulting in a significant influx of funds into investment solutions like ETPs. The question on industry experts' minds is whether XRP can surpass its previous heights in the coming year or face new challenges amid the ever-evolving crypto landscape.



In the midst of XRP's impressive growth, CryptoTradingFund has emerged as a distinctive player in the market, offering retail investors the opportunity to generate passive income through the CTF Token. Launched just two days ago, the CTF Token has experienced a phenomenal increase in wallet holders, boasting nearly 150% growth, accompanied by an astounding 4000% surge in value.


The unique feature of the CTF Token lies in its real-time wallet growth, where each transaction adds to token holdings, providing a straightforward path to passive income for investors. The project has gained attention on its official Twitter page, showcasing the growing community and the token's potential to generate passive income for its holders.


Partnership Announcement and Future Prospects


CryptoTradingFund has created substantial excitement within the crypto community by announcing a partnership set to be revealed on January 4th, 2023. This has triggered notable price action and increased interest in the CTF Token. The surge of over 4800% in the last 48 hours indicates the beginning of a unique opportunity in the crypto market.




As XRP continues to make waves in the ETP sector, the collaboration between CryptoTradingFund and the XRP community, coupled with the promising prospects of the CTF Token, adds an intriguing dimension to the cryptocurrency landscape. With the anticipation of a price surge towards $10,000, 2024 holds the promise of exciting developments for both XRP and innovative projects like CryptoTradingFund. Investors and enthusiasts alike are eagerly watching as these narratives unfold, shaping the future of the crypto market.



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